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Checklist After Submitting Applications














            Make sure you actually submitted and paid for the application


Every year, a decent number of students pay the application fee for the UC system without actually

submitting their application. After you are done with the application process make sure that everything

has been submitted and received. 


Send SAT, ACT, and English language scores


As you are sending the scores, make sure that you are sending the scores to the Office of Undergraduate

Admissions. Also, score choice differs from school to school. You might want to consider sending a high math

score to a technical school while sending a balanced score to the Ivies.



            Make sure that your school report, letters of recommendation and transcripts are all submitted


Most of the top universities will provide you with an online account in order to check your application process.

A lot of Arab students get automatically rejected because they don’t have a complete application. Make sure

your supporting materials are submitted in a timely manner. For further information, view our

Documentaion Guide.




            Apply to Financial Aid and Special Scholarships if you need to


Please note that some universities have an earlier deadline for Financial Aid, and requesting Financial Aid

might put you at a disadvantage. In addition, special scholarships usually have different requirements. Thus,

make sure you know their deadlines and requirements. 



           Ask for an interview and prepare for it


Rule of thumb: It is always unlikely to mess up an interview so always take the advantage of opportunity

to showcase yourself beyond the application. Note that universities like MIT, USC, and HMC have an earlier

deadline for the interview. [Link to the Interview tips page]


Ask your counselor to submit the Mid Year report


If you are taking a gap year, most universities will recognize that you have already graduated from high school,

but it is better to make sure that the Mid Year report is submitted.



            Make sure your application is complete in all of your universities


At the end of January, you should be receiving notifications if your application is missing a supporting material. Make

sure you immediately send the missing material. 


Do well in your classes. Don’t get Senioritis


Senioritis is a case where students lose motivation after submitting their application. There have been cases

where top tier universities withdrew their offer from students because of their poor academic performance

in the last semester.


            As the decisions are coming list your school preferences


Take advantage of events where universities welcome their admitted students. It is a great chance of getting

a feeling of what your place will be like in the next 4 years will be like, as well as a glimpse of your university campus. 

If you can't do that, you can always contact students or search for students' blogs to get to know more about the 

university's ambiance. 


            Try to ask schools for better Financial Aid


Some top tier universities might actually match your financial aid with other top tier universities. You could

also seek outside resources for funding.


             After you accept the offer, send all of the remaining documents


This is mainly the final report for the Common App and the transcripts for the UC system.


Apply for the F-1 Visa and Housing


Your prospective university will provide you with the necessary information to follow upon this matter. Thus, check 

your email regularly. 


            Take advantage of the Pre-Freshman programs


They are a great chance to get a head start in your college life and to meet new friends. Also, don't forget to sign up for

the university's orientation. 

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